North Norfolk
Taekwondo Academy

Fast paced martial arts from the land of the
morning calm!

Est. in Cromer since 1972

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Welcome to the NNTA web site. With training at Cromer, Holt, and Trunch, you are welcome to train at any or all of our clubs, finding a time that's convenient to fit in with busy life schedules. Every ability level is welcome and progress is made at the individuals pace and needs. We learn a traditional form of Taekwondo that is more martial arts based than sports based. It's extremely good for all round fitness and self defence and above all, it's good fun!

The Academy has been in and around the Cromer area since the early 1970s. It was originally founded by Master Kwon Jong Woo as Norwich Jidokwan in 1972. Master Richard Cox was one of its first students having switched from Kyokushin Karate in which he held 1st Dan. He is now NNTAs Chief Instructor. Our other instructors are Master Bill Burrell (5th Dan), Michael Parfitt (3rd Dan), Andrew Connolly (3rd Dan), Francis Lillie (3rd Dan), Tony Underhill (3rd Dan), Samantha Parfitt (1st Dan), Craig Gascoigne (1st Dan).