North Norfolk
Taekwondo Academy

Fast paced martial arts from the land of the
morning calm!

Est. in Cromer since 1972

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North Norfolk Taekwondo Academy Rules
The following rules have been drawn up by the committee and must be adhered to at all times.

  1. Students are to attend classes on time.
  2. Students must wear white uniforms. Uniforms must be clean and pressed for each class.
  3. Students must bow when entering and leaving to Do Jang (training area). If the class has not officially commenced it is the correct etiquette to bow to a black belt when he/she enters the Do Jang. If during the class a senior black belt enters the Do Jang, the instructor taking the class will bring the class to attention to bow.
  4. Finger nails and to nails are to be kept short.
  5. Watches and jewellery should not be worn. If you must wear a ring or ear ring then these must be taped.
  6. A white uniform must be obtained before your first grading.
  7. No sparring is to take place without black belt supervision.
  8. Hand and foot pads must be worn for sparring.
  9. Attendance will be taken into account at gradings. If your attendance is poor you will not be eligible to grade.